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Kurt Vanhoutte

Du 1er au 30 septembre 2021

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Portrait Kurt Vanhoutte

Professeur à l'University of Antwerp (Belgique).


Kurt Vanhoutte is spokesperson-coordinator of B-magic, a large-scale research project (EOS / Excellence of Science, 2018-2023) enabling an interdisciplinary team of fifteen researchers to study the magic lantern and its impact as visual mass medium (www.B-magic.eu). He is currently writing a book on scientific fiction, tracing the history, actuality and prospect of a genre aimed at mediating scientific revolutions through performances. These popular events were part of nascent culture industries that took root in learned environments and lecture halls, but also in theatre and opera houses, spilling out into public space, the boulevards and the fairgrounds. Academics and science enthusiasts but also illusionists, artists and amateur savants shared a knack for understanding what would entice different audiences, coupled with a delicate balance between scientific demonstration and sensational entertainment. While relying on international networks, magic lantern performances in particular contributed to the circulation of knowledge, technologies and visual culture between European cities and across the Atlantic.

Thèmes de recherche

  • Media archaeology
  • Theatre and science
  • Magic lantern
  • Perfomance and popular culture

Éléments de bibliographie

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